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Spotlight: Interview w/ Hiroaki Yura
Written by Calvin Carter
Top 5: Manga To Read When Hiatus Is...
Written by Tristan Hayes
Review: The World's End
Written by Steve Attanasie

PS4 Beats Xbox One In Hardware Sales, But Microsoft Wins Top Software

Sony and Microsoft’s console sales have been going neck and neck for a while since their initial launch, but the tides are now turning and a gap is starting to widen. According to the latest NPD numbers, Sony announced that PS4 sales had passed 7 million thus gaining the lead over on Microsoft.

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Comic Review: The Trial of Jean Grey

Previously in All-New X-Men ­and Guardians of the Galaxy… The mysterious figure of Angela was sucked into our galaxy, due to some crazy breaking of the space-time continuum (totally the fault of the Avengers). Now she’s pretty disorientated, trying to find her place in universe with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Back on Earth, the Beast travelled through time to bring the original X-Men to the present, in a desperate attempt to ensure that Charles Xavier’s legacy is honoured. Not everyone is best pleased by their presence…


"MechRunner" Destroys Everything In Its Path On PS4, Vita, PC, Mac In July

Developer Spark Plug Games has announced that their endless run-and-hack MechRunner, is coming to the PS4, Vita, PC and Mac in July.

In MechRunner you play a giant mech that also turns into a tank and just starts destroying… well, everything. 


POPcast GO Episode 29: Spring 2014 Anime


With a new season of anime well under way, Alex brings on a few members from the anime staff to discuss a handful of series. He is joined by Tristan and podcast newcomers Kelvin and Thea, and they touch on such titles as Ping Pong: The Animation, Captain Earth, Riddle Story of Devil and Mekakucity Actors, just to name a few.

Listen in as they thoroughly examine titles beyond our First Impressions and the Season Preview 

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