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Spotlight: Interview w/ Hiroaki Yura
Written by Calvin Carter
Top 5: Manga To Read When Hiatus Is...
Written by Tristan Hayes
Review: The World's End
Written by Steve Attanasie

Comic Review: Mighty Avengers #12-13

Previously, in Mighty Avengers: Luke Cage has gathered a group of superheroes together in order to combat threats that civilians bring to their door – things that can sometimes slip past the other teams of Avengers that are concerned with the universe-shattering events. His Mighty Avengers consist of himself, She-Hulk, Falcon, Spectrum, White Tiger, Blue Marvel, Power Man, and the mysterious Ronin, recently revealed to be Blade in disguise…


Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #4-5

Previously, in Amazing Spider-Man (and Original Sin): Peter Parker is back, having taken control of his body back from Otto Octavius. Now Peter is attempting to use Otto’s improvements to his life, such as his new doctorate and company, Parker Industries, to do good. His first mission is to capture and contain Electro, who has teamed up with the Black Cat, herself swearing revenge for the humiliation that the Superior Spider-Man inflicted upon her…


Comic Review: Green Arrow #32-34 [Broken]


Previously in Green Arrow… Oliver Queen’s life has been turned upside down recently. Having lost, well, everything, the Emerald Archer has also had to face some startling facts about his father’s double life, the mysterious totems and the “Outsiders.”

After having triumphed in the Outsiders War, Oliver Queen has returned to Seattle, only to discover a city under siege. Richard Dragon has returned with only one goal in mind – the complete and utter destruction of Green Arrow and all those he holds dear!


Fan Expo Canada 2014: Day 4 Recap & Final Thoughts

The last and final day featured a Q&A session with Arrow star Stephen Amell.

We also picked up a few of Pantheon’s Dragonslayer skins from League of Legends that we’ll be giving away.