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News From TGS About “MGS V” Is All About Being Quiet

TGS 2014 is well underway, and we have some new Metal Gear Solid V info in the forms of a new trailer and gameplay demo, both of which focus on Quiet, the sniper who seems to have the ability to turn completely invisible — a good thing for a sniper to have.

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New “Silent Hills” Trailer Is Actually Quite Disturbing

The new trailer for Silent Hills from Tokyo Game Show is similar to the demo (both feature a rather scary hallway) and seems like both a new direction and faithful recreation of what made the original Silent Hill games good and scary.


New Trailer Shows Off “Assassin’s Creed Unity” Co-op Gameplay

This is in addition to a co-op heist mission video released a few days ago, which gives us a look at how players will work together in order to pull off a heist on a Templar controlled hospital.