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Japanese Mayor and Governor Cosplay For WCS

Looks like Dragon Ball’s Piccolo and antagonist Lord Dessler of Space Battleship Yamoto have finally taken over. Nagoya City Mayor Takashi Kawamura and Aichi Prefecutral Governor Hidaeki Ohmura cosplayed as Piccolo and Lord Dessler, respectively, for the 2011 World Cosplay Summit. Nagoya, the capital of Aichi, has hosted the event since 2003.

Kawamura also cosplayed as Japanese Lord Tokugawa Muneharu during the event’s red carpet parade held in Nagoya’s shopping district.  

I really wish my mayor or governor would cosplay, instead of either just running on the political trail, or running away from a political scandal. Cosplaying would probably garner an untapped demographic when it comes to votes. I mean, who wouldn’t want Piccolo in office?

[Anime News Network]


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